Х The goal of the Internet Expert activities is full and effective completion of the Client's tasks. We have all the necessary skills to achieve the goals. The agency co-operates with the most popular web resources of Ukraine and has partners in Russia, East Europe and on the worldwide web.

Х The Agency provides next services:

Х Gathering and analyzing of the information about the real situation in the Ukrainian Internet market and its segments;
Х Complex research of potential marketing and/or advertising decisions on the Internet for the Client;
Х Optimal media-planning of the clients' advertising campaigns;
Х Providing the Client with the most possible discounts on the different web resources which are involved in the advertising campaigns;
Х Operative control and reporting about the results of the advertising;
Х Full service package for web site building.

Х Among the main advantages that Clients of Internet Expert obtain are:

Х Uniform planning and calculating of the advertising campaigns that makes it possible to use several advertising platforms;
Х Flexible discount system, in particular, 15 % - the base discount of the agency, 10 % - regional and also special conditions for the large scale advertising;
Х An opportunity to use different forms of advertising accommodation: static - with payment for a day, dynamic - with payment for 1000 demonstrations, click - with payment for 100 clicks.
Х Dynamic statistics during and after the advertising campaign in the convenient for the Client form.

The agency co-operates with all the partners on the legal agreement basis that guarantee clear realization of all the terms of the clients' advertising campaigns.

The success of our clients is the main evidence of our effective work. For this reason we are trusted by numerous Ukrainian and foreign advertisers, for this reason Internet Expert AA has exclusive rights to make advertising campaigns in the most popular web resources of Ukraine.

We do not adhere to a principle of universal quality. We work extremely individually with each Client, with each platform and with each order.
We work together for the mutual success!