Internet Expert Aј co-operates with the most popular web resources and advertising agencies in Ukraine and abroad.

The basic forms of co-operation:

Х Exclusive rights to conduct advertising campaigns on the worldwide web:
- Provide exclusive sales of advertising areas of a www-resource. The agency does not operate under the system of media buying.
The agency today considers offers only from the financial portals and daily news resources with the level of attendance not less than 500 visits per day.

Х Strategic partnership agreements with www-resources:
- Create flexible pricing terms of sales of the advertising areas.

Х Agency discounts agreements with www-resources:
- Determine fixed discounts, which the Agency receives by means of sales of the advertising areas.

Х Partnership agreements with agencies:
- Determine the general terms of co-operation and agency discounts.

Х Partnership agreements with different Web-design workshops:
- Determine the general and special terms of co-operation.

Х Internet Expert AA is always ready to consider your proposals.